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How to Send Socks

This is a quick guide to answer any questions about sending me socks!

You may shop online, but far funner is to go out and support your local businesses. If you like, take some friends. Or maybe a camera to document your shopping adventure. Will you buy the Tonka Truck print socks, or the jellyfish print ones? What does your face look like during this difficult decision-making process? Does the clerk look like Joan Rivers? How will we know if there are no pictures??

But what will I buy?
I wear a women's shoe size of seven. I don't expect much; my existing collection has a lot of spendy socks like SmartWools and you're not to be worried about buying me inexpensive socks. Cheap ones tend to be the most hilarious, anyways!

If you're worried about my taste, or about not giving me a pair I already own, please refer to my collection directory. If you really want to get specific, I have general requests listed under my requests tag!

I need your address!
Contact me through any means you see fit. Many, many different flavors of contact info are available through LJ and through the listing on my main directory post. Then, off to the post office with you! They can give you padded document envelopes which are manila in color and very cost effective for sending socks. Feel free to enclose a note, perhaps giving me a hint as to what you might like in a thank you mailing, or declaring your undying love for me and your burning desire to have a fleet of children by me. Either-or, really.