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Because My Toes Are Cold!

(and I love silly socks)

8 April
I am a college student at the University of Oregon in Eugene, currently studying political science. I am from the Seattle area, and I have a great love for Washington state. My life includes...

+ way too much coffee
+ playing the banjo and the guitar!
+ riding and working with horses (it is my job, after all)
+ drawing and writing all sorts of random crap
+ being a dork (duh).
+ hating panties
+ loving socks.

Little disclaimer: I do not own nor profit from the mention of the trademarked sock brand names including, but not limited to Bella and SmartWool as mentioned in this journal.

Also, I am not a foot fetishist, and no I will not take pictures of my feet naked for your viewing pleasure. I just like socks, is that so wrong??