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Socks from West Virginia!

So, some of you may know that I am a hopeless internet nerd, and that I spend a lot of time in what I like to call (fondly) "The Dregs of the Internet". Anyways, I generally bring back fun pictures, lulzy miscellany, and every once in a great while, a wonderful new friend.

Mr. Nate Teh Awesome is one of these people. And to PROVE it, he has sent me some amazing socks!

We have cow toe socks, people. These are so unbelievably soft and thick and luscious, you cannot even begin to understand. Words fail, actually.

Sexy moon socks - perfect for nights of Wicca or full-moon worship or some such!

And omg, the funniest socks yet, I think. Like, in the life of this journal. Hidden knife socks. They have a little embroidered ankle sheath with a bowie knife printed on either side, it's fucking amazing.

Thanks Nate! Goodies going out Monday!