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Socks from California!

One of the amazing, crazy, beautiful things the Internet does is reconnect people who have been out of touch for years! Way back in middle school in Washington state, I had a great friend. We talked on phones, practiced British accents, all kinds of shenanigans. She moved away to California in 7th grade, and though I visited her and she me, we lost touch as we got older.

Untilgeeknextdoor got in touch with me via this very journal and sent me some kickass new socks!

Some seriously awesome magenta-and-black striped sockies, an amazing pair of Frida Kahlo socks (unibrow INCLUDED), and some seriously pampering fuzzy pink spa socks, all in addition to a very sweet note. I am the Queen of Socks.

Thank you SO MUCH sweetie, it's great to hear from you and I'm so glad you reached out!

Stay tuned for the thank you mailing incoming!


Looks like the socks came in time to be a birthday present! Happy birthday!